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Services Introduction

Whether you are a parent sending a child overseas or a young adult seeking to improve your situation or to visit overseas or a skilled individual wishing to migrate overseas for better employment prospects or an investor wishing to set up a business abroad. You can trust The Next premier Consultants to professionally assist you in every phase. Our efforts and energies are focused on exceeding the needs and expectations of our clients.

We work in close partnership with our clients and use our experience of the UKVI and relevant legislation to enable our clients to get on with their endeavor with the confidence that they are meeting the requirements. We take pride in our expertise, integrity, and professionalism.

Visa facilitation

It is important that pre-requisites for any type of visa or any country are better known beforehand. There are different sets of requirements for different visas especially student visas for different countries. The Next will assist you better in preparing for the requisites to smoothly go through the submission phase and beyond. This includes the relevant documents, visa, and medical appointments at the right time leaving a sufficient amount of time for the visa processing at the relevant embassies end, and most important of all, the preparation for visa interviews.

Required Documents

As it is obvious from the heading, the next only focuses on the required documents to be provided with any visa application. It is often seen that only a balanced application has a higher ratio of success whether it is consisting of only a few pages or a heavy bundle but relevant. The Next can also provide any templates to prepare them at your end, for example, the next can help you prepare the Statement of purposes which is often necessary for admission and visa process, and a cover note with the visa application or any further letters and affidavits required for the process.

The following is the list of compulsory documents which is often required for student visas in all countries: 

Previous and current passports (10 years history)

  • National ID Card
  • Two pictures for visa
  • Medical examination / Certificates
  • Correct Visa fee
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Confirm Admission to a relevant overseas institution
  • All your previous academic documents.
  • Previous experience letters (if applicable)
  • IELTS or another equivalent English language Certificate with
  • Evidence of source of income.
  • Evidence of sponsorship/funding

Interview preparation

Also known as a mock interview. The next has years of experience in giving advice relating to visa interviews. The Next staff is proud to be formally associated with the UK embassy and possess a fair bit of idea relating to how the visa interview is being carried out? What questions are being posed? What kind of responses the visa officer mostly expects? This includes the knowledge of the purpose of the visa, body language, and responsive behavior. The Next is proud to say that more than 90% of our clients have had success after having been advised by an experienced counselor. 

Admission Procedure

The Admission process varies from institution to institution. It can take up to 24 hours to around 20 working days. However, most institutions revert within 36 – 48 hours with a considered response.

This particular service is provided by Next for free as we as a company better know that this is a leg work which should be provided as complimentary service. The Next will not leave you in the middle and will make every possible effort to bring your query to the conclusion with the best possible study option in the UK, the  USA, and AUS, CANADA, NZ, or any other destination. The student must however enclose the following documents with our APPLY NOW portal:

  • Previous Academics (for example Matric, Intermediate, graduate certificate or GCSE, O / A Levels)
  • English language Certificate: (For example IELTS, TOEFL, etc)
  • Previous experience (Letter from the previous employer)
  • Current valid passport
  • Two academic references


The Next has strong connections with overseas-based accommodation providers especially for students who wish to have this arrangement in place before departing for their destined country for study. We can offer state-of-the-art accommodation based in the heart of the big cities such as London, New York, Chicago, Toronto, Sydney, etc. The accommodations are available for a short and long-term basis too. The type of accommodation can be:

  • Studio Flat
  • Large room on a shared basis
  • Two – four-bedroom apartments.