University of New Hampshire

About The Institute

The International University Transfer Program (IUTP) at UNH offers students an academic and cultural pathway into the University of New Hampshire. Navitas at UNH IUTP is equivalent to the 1st year of the UNH Bachelor Degree. Upon successful completion of the IUTP Academic, you can transfer directly into the 2nd year of your degree program.


  • It isYour pathway into a Bachelor’s Degree at one of the USA’s most respected universities
  • Earn credits towards your Bachelor’s Degree with all of your courses, including ESL
  • Small class sizes mean extra attention from your teachers
  • Nurturing and mentoring student environment with on-campus accommodations


No SAT/ACT/Letter of Recommendation required

Navitas at UNH is located on the main campus in picturesque and historic Durham, New Hampshire. Durham is only an hour’s drive from Boston with both direct bus and rail links.


How to apply

Apply through a Navitas at UNH representative in your country.

Apply online through this website.

Make an appointment to come in and see us.


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